School uniform is worn at all times unless otherwise notified. All school uniform may be purchased from our on-site uniform shop, run by volunteer parents and open every Monday morning from 8:15 to 9:15 and Thursday afternoon from 3:15 to 4:15. Orders may also be placed by email to uniformshop@theoldschoolhenstead.co.uk

The wearing of uniform helps to ensure a sense of belonging and we encourage our children to take a due pride in their appearance and membership of the school. Therefore it is important to maintain the standard of uniform all the time. Please ensure that children have the correct uniform at all times and that they are appropriately dressed in the cold winter months.

Hair must be kept tidy and neatly cut. Girls’ long hair (longer than collar length) should be tied back with brown or blue bands or, in summer, blue and white bands, ribbons and slides. Boys’ hair should be conservative in style and no longer than collar length. No styles such as steps, tramlines etc will be allowed.

No jewellery to be worn at all, i.e. no rings or necklaces (unless an SOS talisman or other medical identifier). Girls with pierced ears may only wear small gold or silver studs, which should be removed for PE and swimming activities. Please note that girls should have their ears pierced at the beginning of the summer holidays to avoid disruption to games activities. They will not be allowed to take part in team sports if they cannot remove their earrings. Boys shall not have earrings of any kind. Make up, transfers, nail varnish, body painting and body piercing are not allowed.