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Kitty writes up her experiment (with accompanying photograph) to demonstrate that light travels in a straight line. Try it out for yourself. Year 6 working hard.


Isaac has been learning about his great grandmother and food rationing for VE Day! What a wonderful way to contemplate life during those times.


As part of Year One's studies, Emily shared a precious still shot from film footage of her grandmother aged 3 years old on VE Day. Special moment in history. #VEDay75

At The Old School Henstead we aim to realise the immense potential of our pupils, creating a place of learning that will inspire our children to excel in and make their own special contribution to the global environment that awaits them. Henstead children know not just what to learn, but how to learn it; they are interested and interesting and they have the words to prove it. Come and visit us and give your child a confident start.

WJ McKinney  MA,PgDip,MA(Ed)

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